NCAA drug testing

The NCAA has some holes in their drug testing policies and procedures. I myself had been drug tested by the NCAA twice while competing in college athletics. One of the major issues that I see in the NCAA drug testing is that there is not a set in stone list of banned substance. Another issue is see is that it hardly catches cheaters. The NCAA only comes to a certain campus a couple times a year. This means that athletes can be doping in between tests and cycling off the drugs or using cleansers to get clean quick to not fail the test. I have heard of athletes doing this on certain campuses and teams and it works and they don’t get caught. I would like the NCAA to fix these loopholes in the implemented system. A way to fix it is that the NCAA and every NCAA campus has to work together. Because the NCAA can’t administer many drug tests frequently then the campus needs to drug test there athletes. The athletes need to be drug tested monthly and all results be turned into the NCAA. I believe this will be the only way to stop the PED’s and drug use in college athletics.


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