Straight to Pro?

Should professional athletes be forced to go to college for a certain amount of time before entering the professional league is the question up for debate tonight. I had to think hard about what side I really was for with this topic. I was undecided until I did some more research on the topic and came to my conclusive stance on the topic. I believe the athletes should be made to go to college before entering their professional careers. I know, I hear the other side of this already, what if they get hurt, they are missing out on money, lives may change and they never end up playing pro. I have thought about the other opinion on this topic and I still stand firm with athletes going to college first. First off athletes coming out of college have no idea what kind of world they are getting themselves into. Young athletes fresh out of high school are seventeen to eighteen years old. They are still very impressionable and not responsible, and you want to hand them hundreds of thousands of dollars and expect them to be responsible with the money and their lifestyle. Going to college will give these young impressionable athletes a time to become responsible and actually grow up. These athletes will learn to become part of a team at their respective college and be given a chance to further their athletic careers by training in college. Athletes will learn how to manage stress, timelines, schedules, and how to deal with adversity all while using information they can use when their professional careers are over. An article by ESPN states that there is less than 3000 on field jobs between basketball, football and baseball. Many young athletes overestimate their talents and under estimate how unlikely it is they will make it big in the pros as stated by an article by Inside Higher Learning. Only 1.6 percent of DI football athletes make it to the NFL and only 1.2 percent of DI basketball players make it to the NBA.    One big reason I stand for the act of athletes attending college before going pro is because they can use the knowledge acquired at college to be success after their pro careers. You hear so many stories about professional athletes careers ending and having no real world marketable skills or knowledge to succeed and end up broke.


Performance Enhancing Drugs and the Hall Of Fame

One of the biggest controversies in sports is the use of steroids. It especially pertains to the Major League Baseball. Every so often there is allegations of certain players using performance enhancing drugs to cheat their way into the history books. Some of the most remembered names when thinking of performance enhancing drugs in the MLB is Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa. Those three have all been linked to using PED’s while playing in the MLB, and have collected many records during their time in the MLB. Now the big question is, should players that have used PED’s be in the Hall of Fame? That question will spark different controversies across the nation. Yes, they are some of the most decorated players that have ever stepped foot on a baseball diamond, but how good would if they of been without using performance enhancers. That is a question we will never know. My opinion is that in today’s world and how the hall of fame is constructed today, no they should not be inducted. They should not have the fame and glory of being on a list of names of the greatest players to ever play. To be listed with players that did it the right way, that used their God given talents and work ethic to get the recognition of their play. It would be a down right atrocity to have any player that has tested positive for any PED to be inducted. For one reason, what is that telling the generation of players todays and future generations of players? Do we allow society to think that it’s alright to cheat? To cut corners to get recognition? To use alternative methods instead of work ethic?

If in the future the HOF decides to make a separate category of the hall of fame that is for known PED users I would be for it. The section of the HOF would be only available to known users. I believe that would be the only fair way for induction of PED users the HOF.