Is Cheer a Sport?!

Is cheerleading a sport? That was the question being debated tonight during our class debate time. First off, there was a lot of very good points arguing against and for if cheerleading is a sport, and what defines competitive cheer. Personally I do think that cheerleading is a sport when it is in a competitive atmosphere.  Cheerleading involves stuns, tumbling and dancing.  The cheerleading that is performed on the sideline or at half time at a high school or college sporting event is not in my eyes a sport. That is because there is nothing that is actually being scored or critiqued during these performances. Sideline cheer does not involve the level of athleticism or difficulty of moves that competitive cheer has. Sideline cheer squares are at sporting events for entertainment purposes and being an embassitor of their school only. 

Cheerleading is a very dangerous and physically demanding athletic event that deserves to get the name as a sport. According to AAP 66 percent of catastrophic injuries in high school females over the past 25 years was from cheerleading. There was a lot of arguments that agreed with my opinion tonight, and no one really defended that sideline cheer was a sport. And it seemed to be that everyone agreed that competitive cheer because it can be scored and has rules and regulations. There is a scoring system in place to judge the competitive cheer squads. There are boundaries and time restrictions on the cheer performance. Competitive cheerleading recently has been recognized by the Olympic committee as a sport, so I believe that the NCAA and state organizations should see it as one also. 



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